GreenHouse - From the beginning to the future.

In 2014, two friends were making an EP when they realized they needed a drummer. Greg Ganci and Nick Delaney met up with award-winning drummer Sean Lemkey through a mutual friend, who took one listen to their four scratch demos, and made them sound absolutely complete. Unfortunately, it was around the same time where Sean would make his departure with another project as a frontman, which took him around the country for the foreseeable future. This left Greg and Nick to hang back and work on tunes they had been developing since they started playing together at 15 years old.


It wasn't too long until the two ran into Ben Wahlberg, a quirky youngster Greg and Nick had went to school with who happened to be a dynamite drummer. The three would eventually form a project of their own, and amidst a number of different lineup changes, play shows all over New England and produce a 6-track EP.

As fate would have it, Sean moved back to Connecticut and started jamming with Greg. The guitarists would eventually bring Nick in on bass and Ben behind the kit to cover early Sublime and 311 tunes. From there, the foursome quickly found their own sound, and used these musical influences to create GreenHouse,their own, original sound they had been looking for from the start. With tones ranging from the Red Hot Chili Peppers to Bob Marley, the quartet continues to develop new, original music to make people dance and put smiles on their faces.


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